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Blockchain Magazine™, a registered trademark of Techizta Services Pvt. Ltd. a company registered under Coampanies Act 2013, is an independent platform focused mainly on blockchain and other decentralized technologies. We are committed to deliver and present reliable and true picture of blockchain framework.

Due to change in a shift from internet of information to internet of value, blockchain technology has enabled many entrepreneurs to create innovative business models. Governments across the world are exploring this technology and have unearthed its true potential in all horizons.With one of the most reliable teams in the industry, Blockchain Magazine provides the best research and insightful analysis of its prototypes. We publish latest news, expert interviews, start-ups stories and ICO updates thus serving as an online warehouse of blockchain developments.In addition to providing latest blockchain developments, we also deliver conferences, worksahops and events for businesses, governments and institutions. We offer global media coverage to corporate, evolving blockchain start-ups and blockchain conferences.

Product and Services

Our core product is Blockchain Magazine™ which aims to provide the most recent, reliable and unique content on blockchain disruptions across several industries in the most lucid manner. While there are limited forums dedicated for blockchain developments, Blockchain magazine™ is the first of its kind in the world where all the updates are available in the form of a magazine making it simpler and more interactive.Blockchain Magazine™ is pioneer in promoting blockchain startups, events, workshops, seminars and advisory. We are always committed to deliver value and bring strong results. Blockchain Magazine is a one stop solution to blockchain startups, we provide an end to end services to organizations in blockchain development and marketing.


To be one of the world’s best media platforms for blockchain developments in terms of agility, accuracy and accessibility of information.


To educate and create awareness about the latest blockchain developments by providing the most relevant, latest and accurate updates in the blockchain ecosystem. To serve as an international platform for blockhain followers, investors, founders, etc to synergize and expand the blockchain community.

Core Benefits

Blockchain Magazine editorial team and advisory board consist of renowned experts holding key positions in the blockchain ecosystem. These include global blockchain speakers, distinguished authors, chairmen of leading blockchain ventures and global media professionals.

Board of Advisors


Kumar Gaurav

Founder Cashaa, Auxesis Group | Blockchain Speaker & Influencer

Simon Cocking

Simon Cocking

Editor in Chief, Cryptocoin.news, Advisor- Friendz, Medichain

Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott

Founder/Chief Executive Officer, ICO Advisory Group


Bryan Crane

Managing Director, SCN Corporate Connect


Dr. Jane Thomason

CEO, Commentator on Blockchain for Social Impact


Jane King

CEO, LilaMax Media & Opinion Leader, Wall Street Journal


Hugh Austin

Chief Executive Officer, SCN Corporate Connect


Jana Petkanic

Founder, BlockchainTalks Blockchain Consultant-AXVECO


Jonathan Morley

Managing Director, MONETIES LTD.

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Since you are on this page, we believe you have a lot of interest in blockchain, either you are entrepreneur or investor or blockchain enthusiast. We can work together in multiple ways.
For start-ups – We are a great platform to promote your business and get traction on international level. Get in touch with us here.

For investors – We believe, there are many manipulations and scams going on in ICO markets, we are here to give you reliable information about distributed business models so that you can take informed decision. We facilitate information and not give advice on investment.

For researchers – Blockchain is changing the world we live in. Having a strong international connect, we can help you in providing necessary resources required for in depth research on any blockchain topic.

For writers – Are you a great writer with passion about exploring blockchain? We have an amazing offer for you which can take your skills to the next level. Work with the best to be the best. Send your resume on editor@blockchainmagazine.net

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