Eric Jeffery

Author: Eric Jeffery
Eric Jeffery has over 20 years’ experience with cyber security including tenure in healthcare, aerospace, DoD, and technology industries, among others.  Eric not only has hands on experience with deep technology, he has developed and built operations centers assisting organizations to monitor, manage and maintain their infrastructure and security posture.  Mr. Jeffery recently engaged deeply with Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies where he is able to add his blend of business, economic and technical background to these topics.  Eric works for IBM Security as a Managing Consultant and lives in Southern Colorado with his wife and has four children.

Important Technical Reasons to be Wary of Bitcoin

August 10, 2018
As former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said of the dot-com bubble, we are experiencing “irrational exuberance.”  Today we see the same thing with bitcoin.  Until what bitcoin experienced in late 2017, the greatest market bubble man was the Dutch tulip bubble during the 17th century.  When specul...

Blockchain is not equal to Bitcoin

June 26, 2018
Whenever hearing about or discussing blockchain, the first response usually involves bitcoin. Bitcoin is not blockchain; bitcoin uses blockchain. Understanding this is critical in coming to the realization that blockchain is the important piece of the conversation. Blockchain will revolutionize transaction...