Jackline Manyara

Author: Jackline Manyara
Jackline is the management team member at Dowcoin. She is a blogger and writes on blockchain and fintech industry. Jackline is known for her kind and polite nature.

Top Blockchain Co-Working spaces across the World You Should Know

July 11, 2018
Co-working spaces have sprouted up across the world in different cities to help people share workplaces while they perform independent activities. Unlike in the typical traditional offices, those sharing the co-working spaces are not employed by the same organization or the owners of the office space. Co-w...

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage: All You Need To Know

July 11, 2018
What is cryptocurrency arbitrage? Arbitrage can be defined as buying of one asset on a different market and selling it in another market for a higher price. In cryptocurrency arbitrage, you can search and compare the price of coins in different exchanges. You then buy from the cheaper exchange and sell in ...

Top 10 Tips You Must Know Before Trading in Cryptocurrency

July 11, 2018
It would be very heartbreaking to lose all your Bitcoins or altcoins when trading because of a small mistake that you could have avoided. In order to trade right, you need to be attentive and 100% focused. Also, note that trading is not for everyone. Before you get into trading, therefore, ensure it is for

Decentralized exchanges: An Overview

July 5, 2018
What is a cryptocurrency exchange? Cryptocurrency exchanges are the backbone of the crypto market. They facilitate crypto commerce by providing a platform where the assets can be traded and exchanged. In this cryptocurrency market, there are two types of exchange platforms; centralized and decentralized. W...