Shree Sule

Author: Shree Sule
Shree has a rich consulting and technical experience in Fintech Domain. He is currently working with Altimetrik as Lead Consultant (Fin Tech and Domain R&D). Previously he successfully served in big MNCs like ANZ and TCS.

Blockchain can Transform Indian Government Service – A Critical Analysis

June 6, 2018
Current Business Setup Process in India Today starting a new venture by an entrepreneur is a painful process, since 2004, the number of procedures required to setup a startup is between 13 and 15 – which is inexcusable given that it takes less than half the number of procedures in developed economies. An e...

E-voting and advantage of distributed over centralized data base

March 27, 2018
Today where most of the process are on digital path but still the most important process for any democratic country which is “voting” is carried out manually and hasn’t seen the digital side yet. Going Digital way; Many thoughts were put and tried to make the process remotely available, b...

The next level of gift card bundled with blockchain

March 27, 2018
Everyone’s bought or received a gift card at some point in their lives. Gift cards are very popular with merchants and consumers alike. They’re an excellent last minute gift for friends or family and used commonly for corporate rewards and incentives. From digital cards with codes that can be presented at ...

Blockchain making childcare better? Blockchain for social impact

March 27, 2018
Children are the future and it is the responsibility of adults to protect them and ensure that they get the best footing in life. Unfortunately this is not always the case in many nations around the world – including our own! Can blockchain make childcare better? India has highest number of deaths of child...