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Blockchain technology is a catalyst to propel the future of other industries and surprisingly the technology itself has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Here is a list of top blockchain news of the day from Blockchain Magazine which you can’t miss out.

International women’s day: women blockchain community is growing

Blockchain technology is creating a revolution and attracting people from all spheres. These spheres include women too, who are usually shadowed when talking about the powerhouses of the blockchain. Many brilliant women have been working tirelessly and stood strong backing big Blockchain startups. Many such names include Rhian Lewis, Roya Mahboob, Elizabeth McCauley, Sandra Ro and so many others. Time to appreciate and encourage women to carry forward the mission of making the world a technologically better place.

Bitcoin Prices Drop- Again

Bitcoin has been volatile as ever and this time the value dropped by $800 in one hour. Just after the bitcoin touched a high of $10,000, the cryptocurrency tumbled once again to a low of $9,075.85. Analysts consider the warnings from the US Securities and Exchange Commission as a catalyst to the change. The authority had warned about exchange compliances that are not met. MT Gox has recently revealed that about $500 million been liquidated in Bitcoin and Bitcash adding to the market tumble.

Groves Medical Group to come up with blockchain for medical records

Groves Medical Group in collaboration with Medicalchain are in a process of designing a platform which will be used to secure the medical records of patients and then further used by Institutions, doctors, researchers after a proper permission to access. The highlight of the platform will be the availability of telemedicine services and video consultation with doctors. The platform will also enable payments in cryptocurrencies.

Huawei files a patent application for blockchain based intellectual property protection system

Telecom behemoth, Huawei has filed an application with China’s state intellectual property office on August 15, 2016, which was published on March 6. According to the application, Huawei is working on a system which will protect intellectual property rights for digital content with a P2P network. The network will record all verification data including identity proofs of copyright holders and also point of access to digital content.

The world says hello to the first blockchain backed presidential elections

In a first, Sierra Leone held presidential election totally backed by the blockchain technology. This marks the first use of blockchain technology in national capacity. Blockchain voting startup, Agora was helping to keep a track of the election process and results were declared within two hours. A Permissioned blockchain was used to oversee the process.



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