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New grants for Bitcoin developers. Do you know?

The Human Rights Foundation has announced four new grants. The grant is part of the Bitcoin Development Fund, a program launche...
March 4, 2021

Bitcoin network elaborate to confirm the transactions and increase their security

With bitcoin we are faced with a new phenomenon, which is not part of the concept of electronic money. It is a fully decentrali...
May 27, 2020

Church In UK Turned Residence Is On Sale And Will Accept Payment In Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become a more and more acceptable form of payment in recent times. Take example of this 150-year-old English church...
October 15, 2019

Tim Draper and His Bitcoins

How long are you in the game for? Can you stomach a loss of 70–80% if the price continues to go down? If your answers are “seve...
February 27, 2019

Important Technical Reasons to be Wary of Bitcoin

As former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said of the dot-com bubble, we are experiencing “irrational exuberance.”  Tod...
August 10, 2018

Mt Gox Creditors Prepare Revised Claims for Bitcoin Repayments Plan

The creditors of the infamous Mt GOx exchange have proposed a new plan for partial payments to bear the loss of the creditors d...
August 7, 2018

Bitcoin Can Hit 10k Once We Have Regulatory Clarity, Mike Novogratz

Mike Novogratz, an ex-hedge fund manager and the founder of the crypto bank Galaxy Digital LP, believes that Bitcoin needs regu...
August 5, 2018

Goldman Sachs Not Positive for the Future of Cryptocurrencies

Unlike many other investors out there, Goldman Sachs is pessimistic regarding the short-term future of cryptocurrencies as is a...
August 4, 2018

Intercontinental Exchange partners up with Microsoft and others to launch a Global Digital Assets Platform

Intercontinental Exchange that owns and operates 23 regulated exchanges and marketplaces, announced on 3rd August, its plans to...
August 4, 2018

UBS: Bitcoin Isn’t Ready To Be A Currency

Bitcoin was invented and has been always seen as an alternative to the fiat currency. Bitcoin evangelists are commonly seen as ...
August 3, 2018

Russia requests the extradition of Bitcoin Fraud Suspect Alexander Vinnik

A panel of senior judges in a Greek court has accepted a new extradition request from Russia for Bitcoin fraud suspect Alexande...
August 1, 2018

Millennials now consider cryptocurrencies as a dating metric

According to a recent survey, the cryptocurrency craze is on the rise as millennials are 75% more likely to date someone who ha...
August 1, 2018

Nations are Competing to Attract Crypto Entrepreneurs

With the recent boom in the number of blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, governments are fighting to attract crypto entrep...
August 1, 2018

Can Bitcoin Beat Gold Amidst the Trade War?

Market observers and financial managers believe that the new trade war started by President Trump can establish Bitcoin as a  s...
August 1, 2018

Bitcoin ETFs Will Come, Sooner or Later

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission rejected the Bitcoin ETF application filed by the Winklevoss brothers on July 26, by...
August 1, 2018

Coinbase Adds British Pound Support for UK Customers

Zeeshan Feroz, CEO (UK) at Coinbase, announce through a blog post the support of Coinbase for British Pound (GBP) for UK-based ...
July 30, 2018

2% of US Investors Own Bitcoin whereas 26% are intrigued: Wells Fargo Poll

According to a Wells Fargo/Gallup poll published on July 27, only 2% of the U.S investors are currently invested in Bitcoin, an...
July 29, 2018

A New Bitcoin Operations Technology Initiative is Here to Scale Bitcoin

A team of Bitcoin engineers, product managers, and technical writers announced the launch of a new initiative called Bitcoin Op...
July 28, 2018

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Upholds Bitcoin Prediction at $20K

Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit and Initialized Capital, upheld his bitcoin prediction at $20K and Ether prediction at...
July 26, 2018

Bitcoin ETFs Makes Investors’ Eyes Glow, Yet Again

Somewhere around November last year, the price of Bitcoin started increasing, hitting $20,000 a level that no one expected. It ...
July 23, 2018

John McAfee’s $8,000 Prediction Coming To Be True?

After facing really tough times since the start of the year, Bitcoin seems to have made a comeback as it’s close to hitting $8,...
July 23, 2018

Bitcoin Jumps As Korean Regulators Nurture Cryptocurrency

The month of July had been relatively better for bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors considering the positive inflow of news o...
July 21, 2018

Digital Currency Group CEO is Bullish on Bitcoin as an Asset Class

Barry Silbert, CEO of Digital Currency Group, said he is bullish on bitcoin as an asset class and is optimistic about its growt...
July 19, 2018

Russian Hackers Use Bitcoin to Hack U.S Presidential Elections.

A group of 12 Russian Hackers was accused of hacking during the 2016 presidential U.S elections according to an indictment rele...
July 17, 2018

Bitcoin Price Soars as Blackrock Explores Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

As reported originally by London’s Financial News, Bitcoin’s price continued to increase as the world’s largest shadow bank, Bl...
July 17, 2018

Bitcoin is the best bet for cryptocurrency investors, says Wall Street trader

Bart Smith, the head of Susquehanna International Group, LLP (SIG), regarded Bitcoin as the best bet for cryptocurrency investo...
July 11, 2018