Can Blockchain Replace SQL Database? Or It is Just An Aberration

I was re-listening to a Future Thinkers podcast episode with Vinay Gupta recently and he gave a very different perspective to t...
August 2, 2018

Why Dbrain Recent Partnership Is Necessary To Harmonize Blockchain and AI

Blockchain technology is already complicated in substance, let alone on its face, so why would we complicate it more? Well, inj...
July 4, 2018

Why and how future social networks need to be blockchained?

It is perhaps a universally known fact that social networks as we know, is about to be reformed. It has been covered here in-de...
June 23, 2018

Are Decentralized Crypto-Exchanges the Solution to Attacks?

Within the last four years, up to $1.3 billion worth of crypto-currency has been stolen through hacks that have occurred on cry...
June 10, 2018
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