Crypto freedom

A Former aide to the US president is the latest advocate of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Former chief strategist of the United States president Donald Trump and the rabble-rouser for the populist movement, Steve Bannon is endorsing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. According to Steve Bannon, advancements like that of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is here to give freedom to people who are enslaved under an establishment which according to him has created a ‘Serfdom.’

Speaking in a lecture held at Zurich, Steve Bannon created an amalgamate of cryptocurrency and blockchain vis a vis the populist movement. According to Bannon, Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has the potential to empower the populist movement as well as governments and other companies. Cryptos and blockchain will help these establishments to get away from the traditional banking systems that are debasing the currency and creating slave wages. He asserted that taking power away from central banks will empower people again.

Steve Bannon said that the cryptocurrencies could act as an asset of the European anti-establishment movement. The event where Bannon made these comments was held in Zurich and was sponsored by one of the Swiss newspapers- Die Weltwoche. He also spoke about the utilities of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology as instruments to the right nationalism movement. According to Steve Bannon, the need of an hour is to break the economic oppression with the help of nationalist movements like the one in the United States.

Steve Bannon was dismissed from his post as a member of the National security council and advisor to the president of the united states, in August last year. He is one of the founding members of Breitbart News. The platform is known to be the voice of the alt-right movement in the united states. The former media mogul is having a record of criticizing what he terms as ‘Financial elites’ from the Silicon Valley and the wall street. According to Bannon’s latest remarks, cryptocurrency is a tool to escape from the control of these financial elites.

Bannon was speaking in relativity about the empowerment of the latest technological advancements and their role in strengthening the nationalist movements. The European audience was more appreciative and responded with applause to the political rallying by Bannon.

During the past year, the blockchain and cryptocurrency have garnered apparent support from almost every sector of the world. The technology is taking an edge and providing support to multiple sectors. Many experts believe that blockchain in accordance with technologies like artificial intelligence can create revolutions.  While the technology is being mined and pilots are being run across the globe, Steve Bannon is among a few people who have found a perfect niche to create a mix between the political movements and blockchain technology. The lecture delivered by Steve Bannon was held in a house packed by almost fifteen hundred people who had gathered to experience first of its kind ‘economic nationalism,’ and Steve managed to keep the hopes high.


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