Kanooq’s Nervius Platform for Monitoring the Health & Safety of Critical Infrastructure

Kanooq’s Nervius Platform for Monitoring the Health & Safety of Critical Infrastructure

April 14, 2019 Editor's Desk

Kanooq Industries Inc. is a private company that aims to pursue the development and marketing of advanced, preventive, secure data-driven infrastructure technology for health and safety monitoring of critical infrastructure.

A vital global infrastructure that Kanooq focuses on is the energy oil and gas pipelines. Kanooq’s Nervius platform which is a lightweight and intelligent industrial IOT sensing and monitoring platform used for active monitoring of crucial and spatial pipeline infrastructure-  new ones as well as old.

One of the most reliable and economical means of transport of precious commodities across borders for more than 50 years is oil and gas pipelines. However, there isn’t a reliable and suitable monitoring technique to know about any damage or accident that could potentially cost expensive remediation to solve the issue, brand tarnishing as well as extensive environmental damage. For instance, in the USA, there are more than 2.8 million kilometers of long-range pipelines with $450 billion asset value but most of which are 50 + years old and resistant to any current monitoring technology. Moreover, only 20% of them are compliant to the current reliable monitoring regimes. Also, the problem with the current monitoring technologies is they are highly archaic, unreliable and costly. Also, the current state-of-art is too expensive where fiber optic connectivity technology is costly to deploy, maintain, and expand. With years passing, the risk of failure in pipelines is only increasing with age.

The Nervius platform provides continuous monitoring of the pipeline by creating a virtual autonomous nervous system positioned adjacent to the asset travel path, above or below ground. This would be ideal for long-range (trunk, interstate, cross-border) pipelines, particularly for pipelines over 50 years old, resistant to any monitoring regimes. Powering Nervius is their DLT data backbone, IOTA which is a highly secure reliable and scalable distributed data network.

Low power and batteryless third party smarter, and smaller sensors are integrated into probes that are installed quite close to the underground pipeline or wrapped as bands around the girth of the pipeline. These probes and bands which are installed can be densified at every 20 to 50 meters or at the spots which are most vulnerable to damage. The main advantage of using Nervius platform is that it significantly lowers the cost of O&M and also being lightweight and flexible the cost of deployment is minimal and does not require additional excavation. The cost would be a fraction of what it takes today using fly-overs and manned (and unmanned) inspection sorties. Nervius would be a leader in adhering to the IOT industry 4.0 promise of lowering costs by huge margins, up to 90% reduction of the current cost.

Having IOTA as the backbone for security and data storage which uses the Blockchain infrastructure, guarantees network and data security on the Nervius platform. To build a more accurate and reliable preventive AI system having powerful predictive outcomes, the data collected is used by machine and deep learning algorithms to predict failures and incidents preventively to monitor assets. One of the algorithms is able to predict the location and time of potential failures- the where and when- within 20 meters of location accuracy. Additionally, an effort has been made to extend their monetary infrastructure to nearby natural and water resources, ocean short and protected ecological system. It can also be extended to nearby public and industrial acids such as roads, bridges, and train tracks.

Nervius will be provided as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) with annual contracts much like B2B cloud services. Their services will be subscription-based, for monitoring, surveillance, and advanced A.I. analytics services.

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