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Cryptocurrency Mining That Doesn’t Destroy The Environment” Words of Wisdom With Hugh Naylor

July 27, 2018
“The process of creating new Bitcoin, known as mining, uses a wildly unsustainable amount of energy. It poses a threat to the environment. But Bitcoin Green is innovating a form of mining that requires far less energy than the dominant methods. I firmly believe that Bitcoin Green is doing the kind of work ...

Meet The Women of The Blockchain: Nydia Zhang, Co-founder of Social Alpha Foundation

July 25, 2018
When I first mooted the idea of setting up the Social Alpha Foundation in 2016, I started to invest and dive into the blockchain space. Since then it’s exciting to see how blockchain has evolved from an underground fintech culture to a social phenomenon today. However, the general public’s understanding of...

Blockchain Can Transform Retail Industry, Insider Tips From Kelly Stickel

July 24, 2018
“Fear Never Leaves, So Learn How To Move Forward Even Though You Are Afraid, That Is Courage” With Kelly Stickel “Know that you aren’t always inspired, and you need to move forward in spite of that. It is using your will that moves you forward. Fear never leaves, so learn how to move forward even though

13 Blockchain Insider Tips With Amy Vernon, Blockchain Transformed!

July 23, 2018
“I’ve Gotten Where I Have By Being Curious, Instead Of Asking People To Do Things For Me, Learned How Those Things Work”- Amy Vernon “Be curious. I’ve gotten where I have by being curious. Instead of asking people to do things for me, I want to understand how those things work. I once converted a two-prong
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