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Blockchain technology is bringing revolution in financial and non financial industry. This decentralized technology allows free, faster and secure transaction processing in the decentralized manner. It has sight applications in every possible industry you can think of & people are finally realizing the unlimited potential of this technology to revolutionize the world. Currently, blockchain has been adopted by various financial institutions and banks resulting in efficient, economical and secure services. It has finally set its place as the catalyst to propel the future of other industries and surprisingly the technology itself has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Major countries are now realizing the power of distributed ledger technology and quickly integrating the same in the governance model.

Blockchain Ecosystem

Europe finds a sweet spot in Blockchain Ecosystem

The blockchain ecosystem is soaring new heights with brilliant advancements in technology. Numerous industries are planning to dip their toes and test the new...
Blockchain Women

Blockchain is playing crucial role in the lives of women

Blockchain can and is transforming the world in several ways. Almost every sector is eager to accept and use this technology for betterment. What...

Build your business with Dapps (Decentralized Applications)?

Decentralized applications (Dapps) are a new model that is being used massively and with a lot of success to build scalable applications. Bitcoin paved the way...
energy sector

Energy Sector is ready to hit a goal with Blockchain

Blockchain continues to be the talk of the town. It has already dominated 2017, and the same is expected in 2018. Numerous sectors introduced...
Blockchain Service

Blockchain-as-a-service is the new trend in the business

Blockchain technology is more useful and powerful than any other centralized technologies. Naturally, the use cases of blockchain technology go beyond cryptocurrencies. Though blockchain...

Transforming the Inefficiencies in Logistic Sector with Blockchain

The notoriously increasing amount of money at stake in the Logistic industry is reaching enormous heights day by day. Also, Global supply chains are...
universal blockchain

Is Blockchain a Universal Platform?

The most common discourse surrounding the promise blockchain provides regarding information transparency and security revolves around finance, and – as we have proven –...

Blockchain May be the Cause of Metamorphosis in the Insurance Sector

The Insurance Sector has been expanding at a higher pace than ever before. The benefits offered by insurance companies and the urge of future...
Social Impact


Blockchain for social impact (BSIC) is an innovative initiative by the United Nations Organisation with a vision to harness the potential of Ethereum blockchain...
Emerging Economies

The Poor Can Benefit More From Blockchain Evolution

The blockchain technology is hitting the world by storm and reality is, we've barely harnessed even a fraction of its full potential. Though many...

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